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Choosing A Right Pergola-Materials & Style Consideration

Choosing A Right Pergola-Materials & Style Consideration-PIONEER

Are you planning to buy a pergola but are confused about what material, design and style you should go for? We have got you covered today.

However, choosing a new pergola comes with several considerations that can affect its longevity, aesthetic appeal, and overall contribution to the outdoor environment. This article will highlight how you can choose the right material, design and style for your outdoor pergola to make it well suited to your needs.

Materials consideration

When it comes to buying a new pergola the must thing to consider is the material choice. The material selection influences the appearance, durability and appeal of pergola. Here are some popular options for pergola material being used nowadays.


Wood is considered a smart choice for its warmth and a timeless natural beauty that it offers. That is why it has been a popular choice for classic and rustic settings in the backyards. The reason for wood being mostly used in pergola construction is that it can be feasibly cut, shaped, and stained to achieve a wide range of designs and finishes.

However, wooden pergolas require regular maintenance. If you own a wooden pergola you should watch out for staining and occasional repairs regularly to prevent rot, warping or insect attacks.

You can also get pergolas made of durable hardwoods like cedar that can resist the decay. However, if you are a fan of soft wood furniture then maintenance should be your top priority.


Now, you know about all the material options available for you. So, before you go to buy, consider the weather conditions where you live and your intent to keep this structure in your home.

Moreover, keep in mind your willingness and ability to perform regular maintenance. Then go for choosing which material fits with your outdoor space’s style. At last, consider the budget and then make an informed decision.

Choosing A Right Pergola-Materials & Style Consideration-PIONEER

Style considerations

Pergolas come in a variety of styles and each of them has its unique aesthetic appeal. While you are choosing a style for your pergola you should consider how it will complement your outdoor space. Here are some versatile styles available for pergolas.

Traditional Pergola

The traditional pergolas are often made of elements such as wooden posts and beams with lattice tops and complicated detailing. Though they are a bit classy, they have timeless charm and give a touch of elegance to your gardens and outdoor spaces. So, if you are a lover of timeless and inviting looks then you can definitely go for traditional pergolas.

Contemporary pergolas

Modern pergolas typically have clean lines and minimalist designs. They are made out of materials like metal or stained wood. They give a sophisticated and chic vibe to outdoor settings and give a modern look to your house. Moreover, they create a sense of openness and seamlessly blend with modern architecture. Therefore, people who have aluminium furniture in their house mostly go for contemporary pergolas to have a unique blend.


Rustic pergolas are made out of natural elements such as rough-hewn wood, stone, or reclaimed materials. They may include vine-covered beams too. They are not a much preferred ones but are best for evoking a cosy and countryside ambiance. If you want to create a charming and relaxed atmosphere in your garden, then you can give it a rural setting with rustic pergola.


Asian-inspired pergolas are made of elements like bamboo, shoji screens, or traditional Asian motifs. These pergolas bring an exotic and serene feel to outdoor spaces and are excellent choices for creating Zen gardens or Asian-inspired backyards. You might not see them frequently but people with unique tastes like to have them.

Louvered Pergola

They are chosen the most because of the versatility they offer. These pergolas allow you to adapt the level of shade and ventilation according to your preference. Moreover, they also offer a modern look and enhance your outdoor comfort.

Now, you know all about the styles of pergola and you can choose the one according to your mood and to create a cohesive look. Traditional pergolas can add a touch of elegance but modern ones can exude sophistication. The rustic ones are cosy and Asian ones bring you the taste of culture. So, make your choice according to what you want.

Relationship between Style and Material

While choosing a pergola, you should see that the material you choose aligns with your style. Wood is perfect for traditional and rustic styles, while metal or vinyl are best options for modern or contemporary designs. Louvred pergolas are made of aluminium and are the best option you can have.

Final Words