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10x15ft. Metal Storage Carport

·Dimension: 10×15 ft.
·Material: Galvanized steel.
·Post tube: Dia 35×0.6mm.
·Slant roof tube: Dia 35×1.0mm.
·Ground bar tube: Dia 28×0.1mm.
·Diagonal support tube: Dia 28×0.1mm.
·Cover: 160gsm PE fabric, 1 piece carport cover.
·Hardware Kits: Ground pegs*10, Elastic kits*4.


·Roll-up Door with Zipper: Our innovative storage shelters feature roll-up doors equipped with secure buckles and zippers. This design ensures seamless access to your stored items while also facilitating excellent ventilation, maintaining a fresh environment within.
·Robust Steel Frame: The whole frame is made from a rust-resistant powder-coated steel frame that prevents chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion. The sturdy legs are composed of thickened poles, while the included ground stakes provide enhanced stability and safety.
·All-Season Protective Tarp: Our all-season tarp is your ultimate defense against the elements. Safeguard your belongings from the sun’s scorching rays, the rain’s relentless downpour, and even the snow’s icy grasp. With our tarp, you can rest assured that your possessions remain intact and protected, year-round.
·Effortless Assembly: Our products are designed for hassle-free assembly. Each component is meticulously numbered, allowing for quick and intuitive setup. Whether you choose to follow the step-by-step instructions or prefer a visual guide, our installation process is a breeze.
·Limitless Versatility: Our storage solutions offer an expansive 10×15 ft shaded and protected area. From motorcycles and bicycles to small vehicles, our offerings transform into the ideal carport. Moreover, they seamlessly accommodate lawnmowers, firewood, garden tools, and patio furniture. Our storage shelters effortlessly adapt to your diverse storage requirements.
·Without windows & only open one side door.
·Sample available.
·Application: Farm, driveway, backyards, pool areas, storage, events, etc.