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Ethanol Fireplaces for Indoor

  1.  Item No.: FP-301
  2. Dimension: 7.08W x 7.08D x 11.4H inch
  3. Volume: 100ml /3.38oz
  4.  Material: 201 stainless steel, Steel, Ceramic fiber cotton, High-temperature resistant glass.
  1.  Dimension: 7.08W x 7.08D x 11.4H inch
  2.  Color: Black (Customizable)
  3.  Features: This Ethanol Fireplace for Indoor is not only a beautiful desktop decoration but also a small heater that you place on the dining table during the meal. It can bring you enough warmth together with a romantic atmosphere. It’s smokeless, dustless, and tasteless.
  4.  Application: Indoor, Home, tabletop, Garden, Outdoor
  5.  EN16647 certificated.