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Tips to Make Good Use of Your Hardtop Gazebo for Every Season

Tips to Make Good Use of Your Hardtop Gazebo for Every Season-PIONEER

At the start of a year, people consider how to make their living more delightful and comfortable this year.

Tips to Make Good Use of Your Hardtop Gazebo for Every Season-PIONEER

Cleaning and Maintenance

A Gorgeous Garden Base

An Outdoor Dining Space

People enjoy lively spring scenery and get some fresh air while having a temporary spring tour. If you set up a dining set under the gazebo, you can have a similar camping without going outside your house. They provide you a long term leisurely place to stay out. You can have meals under protection without concern about early spring raindrops and snow.

A Cool Shelter in Hot Summer

Tips to Make Good Use of Your Hardtop Gazebo for Every Season-PIONEER

Our hardtop gazebo features a double top roof which is made of galvanized steel. It protects you from harsh sunshine and keeps you cool under a gazebo. In addition, the roof is designed with hooks to hang fans for extra coolness.


Usually, people like to go outside and do some exercises when summer comes. But it’s too hot at noon or in the afternoon to stay outdoors. A hardtop gazebo will be a good assistant at this moment. You can shift the location into the shaded area so that you can have fun all day. Further, it can be transformed into a children’s playground by setting up some simply recreation facilities inside. It is pretty helpful for Mom and Dad, right?

Perfect for A Barbecue Party

Summer is always a long long season. Moreover, it’s burning hot at night and raining heavily from time to time. Even though, people would like to have a wonderful barbecue night. A suitable gazebo does it a favor. Double top roof keeps air ventilated while curtains and netting can protect you from bugs and mosquitoes. Additionally, PURPLE LEAF provides specialized grill gazebos for BBQ and you can take a glimpse on our website.

Drainage System

As we know, it’s often raining in summer. Hence, a good drainage system is important for a gazebo. The unique water gutter design allows rainwater to flow from the edge of the top frame into the pole and to the ground, and finally reduces trouble during rainy days.

A Warm Bath in Autumn

Reducing the Impact of Wind

When the autumn falls, it’s getting cold. You can roll out the curtains at four sides to decrease the impact of strong wind.

Hot Tub Gazebo

Can you imagine enjoying a warm bath outside in cold weather? It’s true, and more and more people do it while using the gazebo with curtains. What an incredible experience! The hot tub gazebo with curtains increases the privacy of a bath outdoors while you can enjoy the view on the patio at the same time.

View of Fall

Fall is a colorful season. Plants’ leaves are gradually turning yellow or red but some of them remain green. People can sit on the sofa under the hardtop gazebo and immerse yourself in this autumn season.

Warm and Safe in Winter

Tips to Make Good Use of Your Hardtop Gazebo for Every Season-PIONEER

Snow Load

Our hardtop gazebo’s snow load is 2500lbs which means that it can withstand normal snow weather. This time, maybe you can consider an outdoor Christmas party.

Christmas and New Year Decoration

Tips to Make Good Use of Your Hardtop Gazebo for Every Season-PIONEER

A hardtop gazebo provides a site to create a festival vibe. When Christmas and new year come, people love to decorate the house to celebrate it. As well, you can decorate the gazebo with a Christmas tree, toys, or wreaths to create stronger atmosphere.

Small Fire Pit

Sitting around the fire pit with families and friends in winter, you will feel comfortable and warm even it’s snowing outside. Set a fire pit under the gazebo, roll out the curtains, and then you will get a cozy space outdoors.


If you would like to share your own method of how to use gazebo, welcome to write it down in comment.