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Which Is Better, Gazebo or Pergola?

Which Is Better, Gazebo or Pergola?-PIONEER


People are spending more time in the outdoor and gradually ask for higher demands for decorating the backyard. With outdoor furniture getting more diversified, gazebos and pergolas turn out to be the popular ideas of providing an additional shaded area for entertainment in the patio. If you are considering a gazebo or a pergola for your garden, we hope we can offer you some useful ideas through this post.

What is a gazebo?

What is a pergola?

Commons between gazebo and pergola

Gazebo and pergola are designed for providing shaded area in the patio, backyard or garden, etc. Both of them can be made of wood or metal. They are supported by columns of four or six. To meet various space of backyard, usually they are designed in square, rectangular, or round.

All in all, gazebo and pergola can enhance the aesthetics of outdoor space.

Key differences between gazebo and pergola


Typically, roof is the most different part of both. Gazebo provides a full cover from sunlight and raindrops while pergola provides a partial shelter which keeps part of sunlight and rains out of room. Roof of pergola are designed with slatted roof which are consisted of thin and narrow piece of wood or metal. Some of them are fixed, the other can be adjusted. By contrast, gazebo have fully covered and sturdy roof to provide complete shade and protection from sun and rain.


Originally, pergola is used for offering shade for pathways or supporting climbing plants. Latter, it mainly turns to be shaded structure for relaxation. Due to its structure, it’s noted that it can not provide fully protection from rain.

Relatively, gazebo is often used for gathering a party and turn it to be an inviting place. It provides a safe room in the outdoor, which are out of harsh sunlight, heavy rain, snow and wind. It creates an additional room, an extension from the inner house.

Extra accessories

According to different types, there are various accessories. For gazebo, we provide different colors and sizes of curtains and mosquito netting for alternatives, which can protect from bug and wind. In addition this Hardtop gazebo can be customized with the addition of ceiling lights.


The most suitable item is exactly something you need rightly. No matter gazebo or pergola, you just need to pick the one that satisfies your requirement and policy in your area.

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Which Is Better, Gazebo or Pergola?-PIONEER
Which Is Better, Gazebo or Pergola?-PIONEER


Which Is Better, Gazebo or Pergola?-PIONEER