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Why Pop-up Canopies are Important for Sideline Shade

Why Pop-up Canopies are Important for Sideline Shade-PIONEER

Anyone who has ever been a spectator at a sporting event knows the importance of having good shade on the sideline. Sitting in the blazing sun for hours is not only uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous. That’s why sideline shading is so important, and pop-up canopies are a great way to provide that shade.

Why Are Pop-up Canopies Important for Sideline Shade?

They’re There to Keep Athletes Cool

The air temperature on the day was a balmy 93 degrees, with ESPN reporting that the ground temperate on the artificial turf field was as hot as 122 degrees. Many people were hot under the collar about it, with plenty of suggestions that the loss was partly a result of having to endure the heat, with no tent or canopy to keep the team cool on the sidelines.

They Can Prevent Heat-related Illnesses

·What is Sunburn? Sunburn is when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. UV rays are a form of ionizing radiation, and when they penetrate the skin, they damage DNA. This damage can cause premature aging of the skin and increase the risk of skin cancer. The best ways to prevent sunburn are wearing sunscreen, staying in the shade (such as under a pop-up canopy), and wearing clothing that covers the skin are all effective ways to prevent sunburn.

·What is heat exhaustion? Heat exhaustion is a condition that occurs when the body is unable to cool itself down. The symptoms include heavy sweating, muscle cramps, headache, nausea, and vomiting. This can become a life-threatening condition if it develops into heat stroke.

·What is heat stroke? Heat stroke is a life-threatening condition that happens when the body is unable to regulate its temperature. If you suspect someone has heat stroke, it is important to call 911 immediately and cool the person down with whatever means are available. Cooling the person down with water is the best way to prevent heat stroke.

They Provide Shade for Drinks and Snacks

If you’ve ever left a water bottle in the sun, you’ll know how unpleasant it is to take a gulp of warm liquid!

Hydration is Key
As we all know, hydration is key to performance. Whether you’re an athlete or not, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting enough fluids. When you’re sweating a lot, as athletes do, it’s even more important to make sure that you’re staying hydrated.

Dehydration can lead to a whole host of problems, such as headaches, cramps, dizziness, and fatigue. So, for athletes who are playing in the heat of the day, cooling down under the likes of a pop-up canopy is important.

Why Pop-up Canopies are Important for Sideline Shade-PIONEER

How Do You Choose the Right Pop-Up Canopy Tent?

When choosing a pop-up canopy, it’s important to consider the size that you need. If you’re only looking to shade a few people, then a small canopy will suffice. However, if you’re looking to provide shade for an entire team, then you’ll need a larger one.

What Size Pop-up Canopy Do I Need?

When it comes to the size of the canopy, it’s not about the height or sides, but more importantly the size of the top. For example, a 10 x 10 straight-leg canopy has a 10 x 10 top, so it protects 100 square feet.

If we then look at a 10 x 10 slant-leg pop-up canopy that has an 8 x 8 top, it only covers 64 square feet. A 10 x 20 pop-up design, on the other hand, should cover a team with a lot of players on the bench.

If you need even more shade, you can of course use multiple pop-up canopies and place them next to each other.

Does My Pop-up Canopy Need Sidewalls?

This is a common question that people ask when shopping for a pop-up canopy. The answer to this really depends on what you’re using the canopy for. If you’re just looking to provide shade from above, then sidewalls are not really necessary.

But, if you’re looking to block off the wind and any distractions that may be nearby, then side walls are ideal. They’ll also give you a little bit of extra shade as the sun drops down.

How do Adjustable Legs Help?

The height of the legs on a pop-up canopy is adjustable, which means that you can set them at different heights depending on what you’re doing with the canopy and your position to the sun.

For example, you can set one side of the canopy at a lower height to block the sun at different angles, the same as you would do with a beach or patio umbrella. This is a great feature to have because it means that you can always adjust the canopy to provide the perfect amount of shade for your needs.

The Importance of Securing Your Pop-up Canopies

When it’s windy, it’s important to make sure that your pop-up canopy is properly secured. Most canopies come with tie-downs or weights that can be used to keep them in place.

Weights are usually placed on the legs of the canopy, while tie-downs are used to secure the frame to something else like a fence or be secured into the ground with pegs. If you’re using your canopy in an area where there is a lot of wind, it’s important to make sure that it is properly secured. If you don’t, there is a risk that it could blow away and cause damage to nearby property, or even injure someone.

Preventing Damage To Property

As we’ve mentioned, if your pop-up canopy isn’t properly secured in windy weather, it could cause damage to property. Imagine if you are watching a game from the sidelines and a gust of wind flings your canopy up and into a nearby parked car. Or, if it is flung into a nearby window and goes right through it. Who do you think is going to have to pay for the damages?

Preventing Damage To People

Another reason why properly securing your canopy is important, is because if it isn’t secured in windy weather and it does take off, it could injure someone. If the canopy hits someone in the head, it could cause a concussion or even worse. So, it’s important to be safe and secure your canopy whenever you can.

Why Pop-up Canopies are Important for Sideline Shade-PIONEER

How to secure a pop-up canopy

There are a number of ways that you can secure your canopy and reduce the risk of the wind dragging it away.

Stakes and Stabilizing Lines
Stakes can be driven into the ground and used to stabilize your canopy. This is especially effective if you’re using your canopy on grass or soft soil. Stabilizing lines can also be used in addition to stakes. These are lines that are attached to the corners of the canopy and then staked into the ground. This provides additional stability and can help to keep the canopy in place.

Tie-downs are another way to secure your canopy. These can be used to attach the canopy to a nearby fence, tree, or other objects. This is a good option if you’re using your canopy on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt where it would be difficult to drive stakes into the ground.

Anchor bags
Anchor bags are filled with sand or water and can be used to weigh down the legs of the canopy. This is a good option if you’re using your canopy on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt where it would be difficult to drive stakes into the ground.

Weights can be placed on the legs of the canopy to help keep it in place. This is a good option if you’re using your canopy on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt where it would be difficult to drive stakes into the ground.

You can also use a combination of these methods to secure your canopy. For example, you could use stakes and tie-downs, or weights and tie-downs. The important thing is to make sure that your canopy is properly secured so that it doesn’t blow away in windy weather.

What Qualities Should I Look for in a Pop-Up Canopy Tent?

Strength and Durability

The first thing that you need to take a look at is the strength and durability of the canopy. It’s important to make sure that the canopy is made from high-quality materials that are built to last. The last thing that you want is for your canopy to collapse in the middle of a game or event.

It’s also important to make sure that the canopy can withstand strong winds. If it’s not properly secured, a strong gust of wind could easily topple it over and cause damage.

Ease of Setup and Portability

Another important aspect to consider is how easy the canopy is to set up and take down. You don’t want to be struggling with trying to put up your canopy before a game or taking it down afterward.

It’s also important to make sure that the canopy is easy to transport. If you’re going to be using it at different locations, you need to be able to move it around easily.

Waterproof and UV-Resistant

Another important consideration is whether or not the canopy is waterproof and UV-resistant.

You don’t want to be caught in a rainstorm without a canopy that can protect you from the elements. And, you also want to make sure that you’re protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Look for a canopy that has an SPF rating of 30 or higher.


So why not invest in one for your next game?